Hacking the Print Cover? Or Just Adapting It…

Interesting, something I haven’t thought about for e-books.

(Don't) Judge a Book by Its Cover

As promised, here’s the beautiful cover designsby Cardon Webb for Oliver Sacks’ neurology series.


Just look at that! I love how each individual book can function on its own, but can come together in a unified collection. Never having read books on neurology before (I’m an A&H grad, yay Shakespeare!), I was first introduced to Webb’s work through Craig Mod’s article, “Hack the Cover” and he had some pretty interesting ideas.

Mod says it best so I’ll just quote: “This is the kind of design solution that plays nice in digital space (even better than on your bookshelf – after all, where do you have space to place six books face-out?) and could invite collection”. Couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s the beauty of digital technology: there’s always space. You can never run out! Covers now have the opportunity to be displayed without taking up that…

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