Authors who Blog: 6 ways to take your blogging to a deeper level

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1378269_oceanYesterday, I wrote about some strategies I use to go deeper in my fiction. But is fiction all we authors have to worry about? We’re also supposed to blog, aren’t we? Everyone says, “If you want to be an author, you should be a blogger too.”

So, how do we go deeper writing nonfiction? Say, a blog post? Or when we want to repurpose our blog posts?


As you know, my blog has some memoir posts (my favorite is about the way my mom affected me as a writer), and a few snippets from my fiction, but it’s mainly a forum in which I connect with fellow writers by writing about writing.

How and why I write.

Explorations of style and grammar.

The things that keep me writing when the going gets tough.

Explorations of the nuts and bolts of writing: the benefits and drawbacks of…

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