FInding Focus

I stopped writing for awhile.  It’s not because I don’t have content, believe me my mother has given me plenty of content to write about 42 years worth of writing to be specific. No, I stopped writing to find my focus for my writing.  I can write my memories all I want but I don’t have a focus or purpose for them them I am writing for mo one including myself.  I had a friend and co-worker read over what I had so far and she gave me a few comments that got me going again.  I see my focus and where I  need to be so I that my writing is not just writing.    I always like to get an outside perspective as it helps me see things I may not normally see when I am so invested in my work,  For this book I have too invested and I have not been able to see the bigger picture and where I want my writing to go.  Friends can be a great resource to help a person put things into perspective.  I am back on track again and I hope to get some good writing done this weekend.  I still have plenty more to write about so I had better get going …


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