Like the Little Engine that Could

Just like the little engine in the story book I tell myself… I think I can, I think I can.  I added 12 more pages to my book draft today.  If I can just find the motivation and eliminate the distractions.  It was so much easier to type before the computer age when we had typewriters.  There was no internet looming in the background taunting me to look at it and all the flashing colors of pictures and text.  Sure I used to type with the t.v. or radio on in the background but that was way less distracting then the computer.  Of course t.v. isn’t the same either as it was back then, I don’t have cable anything just local TV, 5 channels, but I do have Netflix and that is a huge distraction in itself.  SO many shows to choose from, so much to distract me from writing.  I have to find the willpower to focus and write.  I can do, of course, I am just letting the technology gadgets distract me because it’s an easy excuse.  I suppose if I just leave it all off and dig in my heels and write I can get it done.  Sometimes the t.v. or radio help though as they spark a memory that is part of of one of my journal entries and it starts a whole new story topic.  So you see, there is an excuse around every corner.  I f I just tell myself, I think I can, I think I can I will be able to finish and find the satisfaction of completion.  I’ll see what tomorrow brings, maybe I can chug on past the distractions and really get going 🙂


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