What can I say that won’t bore you to tears?  This blog is about my book which I have chosen to write as a form of therapy.  My childhood was rough, to put it nicely, and as I grew into my thirties the reality of it hit me in the face one day.  I was so upset one day after one of my mother’s incidents I left the house in the middle of the night and just drove around in the dark for a few hours.

I wrote the incidents in my journal and that had helped a little bit but it didn’t help me get away from my mother. A lot was going on in my life at that point in time and it was hard to get away, mentally and physically, from the verbal abuse she would instill on me.  Things finally changed and I was awarded the opportunity to move across the country.  What a blessing.

I have made a home for myself in a small house with my two furry children, who always listen and never say bad things to me.  Life is good.  It is at this time I found the time and mental strength to write my memoirs into a book.  Some may love it, some may like it and some may hate it.  Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that.  My intent is to write and publish my memories so I can understand my life and move forward and if it helps others along the way then that is a wonderful bonus.


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